Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Grateful Heart

Well, here is my little corner in the cyber world.
I will attempt to be a diligent blogger. Nadine has lovingly designed my header.
Thanks sweet heart. I love it.

Today I feel very grateful for my family.
I am so proud of, Nadine, who is so strong and steadfast. Who is a beautiful person inside and out.
Sasha, for her strength and diligence and embracing life, with such joy.
Also so proud of her for just been accepted for Honours at Pretoria University for 2010.
Luke, for his exceptional example and cheerful outlook, who listens to the spirit so carefully. He has decided to send a message to his sisters everyday and so mom and granny are also in the loop. Today's message was. "Faith is all that dreamers need to see into the future."
I feel so blessed and priviledged to have had the priviledge of rearing such valiant spirits.

I am thankful for Rob, for being a wonderful husband, my best friend and fantastic father. For his unwavering service to Heavenly Father.


  1. Ahhh!! Thanks mom! That was a lovely post! love you so much! Thank you for believing in me, when i dont have the faith to believe in myself! X

  2. You have a beautiful family Sister Chatty! And your blog looks pretty good too :-)

  3. Hi Sister Chatty

    Welcome to the world of blogging, hopefully we'll all be getting updates on your wonderful family.


  4. Sister Chatty, YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!! You're blogging!!! My mom will be just as thrilled. I promise in no time you will be hooked;)
    It's so good to see pictures of your beautiful family. I am following in your footsteps of two daughters and then a son...hopefully I can be as good of a mother.
    Your children are wonderful. I love reading Nadine's blog:)

  5. Melissa, I love watching your little family grow. I think you are a wonderful mom. I am so glad someone invented blogging,(not that I am to consistent right now) because I can still feel like you're part of my life, even though so far apart. You have always been one of my very favourite people,that I have had the priviledge of growing with, through Primary and Young Women.
    Thank you for your encouraging words to Nadine, it helps a lot.
    I am looking forward to seeing the Coombs family in future posts. Mwhaa

  6. Chatty, you certainly are a beautiful family. We love and miss you! I am thrilled that you are blogging. Leaving South Africa ten years ago, tore away many dear friendships. Blogging helps patch the sensitive loss.

  7. You have a stunning family and I am lucky to know you and to have met you!

  8. Thanks Sister Chatty for the birthday wish. I love your very new blog! Jess has heard so much about the Padoa's and now we can follow your blog together! Viva La Chat's Corner!
    I agree...your kids rock: they really adults now ha. Could we expect anything less though: every kid who every knew the BEST bishop in the world and his wife are better for it. I love you guys so much. Happy blogging.

    P.S Way ta go Sasha...that's amazing!
    P.S.S Tell Luke I say "Howzit...and I can't wait to go rowing by the beach with him again:)