Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1. I am afraid of the dark.
2. I am the youngest in my family by eight years. My sisters are 14 and 15 years older than me and my brother is eight years older. So my older nieces and nephews are like siblings to me. We used to hang out and "play".
3. I love pickled onions or any pickled food, except I cannot eat olives, they make me gag.
4. I DO NOT like snakes, but for Luke I learnt to tolerate bearded dragons.
5. I have never had major surgery, only ever had anaesthetic to have tonsils removed as a little girl. I guess epidural for child birth also counts as anaesthetic.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

30 Day Challenge....

In the beginning of December I went onto Nadines friend Camillie's blog and saw she was doing this cute 30 day Challenge. I thought what a good idea, seen as Nadine is always nagging me to BLOG, this would give me something to blog about.

Of course she also saw it and liked the idea, now asking everyday when will I be starting Day 1.

So to all of you out there who may be interested, in the next 30 days you will be finding out somethings about me.

Day 1: 5 Things no-one may know about me.

Day 2: A picture of you last year and now and how you have changed

Day 3: A Favourite photo

Day 4: Something I crave

Day 5: Top 10 peeves

Day 6: Something I bought recently

Day 7: Something I want to buy

Day 8: A Favourite Song

Day 9: A Favourite Movie

Day 10: A Favourite Food

Day 11: A Favourite Book

Day 12: A Favourite Quote

Day 13: What did you do today?

Day 14: Your dream House

Day 15: Next 3 on Bucket List

Day 16: A photo of my family

Day 17: A Habit you wish you didn't have.

Day 18: Put you ipod on shuffle and list 10 songs that pop up.

Day 19: A Hobby of Mine

Day 20: A favourite recipe

Day 21: Nick names I have and why I have them

Day 22: A Favourite You tube video

Day 23: A travel Story

Day 24: Something that makes you feel better..

Day 25: A place I love

Day 26: A child I love

Day 27: A person I love

Day 28: A secret you want to get out

Day 29: Testimony

Day 30: Hopes, Dreams and plans for the next 365 days.

Please feel free to drop a comment if you feel so inclined.

Happy Reading.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Missing Nadine

It has been just over two weeks that Nadine has been away in the States.

I find myself feeling miserable every now and then, and have realised its because at that moment I am missing her soooooooooooo much!

So thought to make up a list of some of the reasons we're missing her.

We miss .................

Early morning Family Prayer.

Early Mornings hearing her leave for work.

Lovely meals "A la Nadine"

Happy chatting at the end of a day.

My Window Live Messanger Buddy.

The tick of her lap top keys when she answers e-mails and writes on her blog.


Her Shower Gel

Shopping on Saturday mornings

Watching Chick Flicks together

Seeing her beautiful smile

Hearing her cute giggle.

Teasing her. (Luke)

Tickling and bugging her. (Dad)

Listening to sisters catch up chatter.

Emails with inspirational quotes and stories.

Hearing about Shimbala. (work)

Conversations about spiritual things

Dad cell phone ring tone..."I Love you baby....."

My Cell ring tone..." ring,ring,ring.."

Hearing about whats she's up to right now.

Knowing you so far away...makes us miss you more

Love you Nadine


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bon Voyage

On Tuesday 27th April Nadine boarded a flight on Delta airlines at the OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg.
Her Destination......Sacramento, USA....for 4 whole weeks..... Lucky girl.
We went to bid her farewell on her EXCITED way.

She was so excited to be on her way we left for the airport at 3:45pm

Fetched Granny and Gramps on the way.

Some Tender Moments with Luke ...and Dad

Just before she went through the gates

Wishing you aw onderful trip Twinkle Toes!.. Make evey moment count.
Love you lots and miss you.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wonderful Surprise

When I was in High school I had to change Music teachers as my teacher became ill.
The music school that I then attended offered classes in many instruments and formed an orchestra, in which I played the violin. (we were just all beginners) The reason I did violin lessons was because my brother had played and so we had 2 instruments in our home.
But I always have wanted to play the flute.

Well last week I had a wonderful surprise!!
Rob bought me a flute.

My Darling husband had remembered all these years that I had the desire to play this instrument. THANK YOU!

I am so excited to be able to learn to play this instrument. I really love the sound of flute music.

Our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Zeus developed a tumour on his left leg in about October 2009.
The vet said it was cancer and that it would eventually move to his lungs.

So very sadly we had to say goodbye to Zeus. I took him to be put down on the 1st March.

Zeus was 9 years old and a delightful pet. He loved to swim with us. He enjoyed jumping onto Luke's bed to say goodmorning. He always wanted to be where we were. Loved sneaking into the house to lie at the door. He was very affectionate and an excellent watch dog. We miss him.