Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wonderful Surprise

When I was in High school I had to change Music teachers as my teacher became ill.
The music school that I then attended offered classes in many instruments and formed an orchestra, in which I played the violin. (we were just all beginners) The reason I did violin lessons was because my brother had played and so we had 2 instruments in our home.
But I always have wanted to play the flute.

Well last week I had a wonderful surprise!!
Rob bought me a flute.

My Darling husband had remembered all these years that I had the desire to play this instrument. THANK YOU!

I am so excited to be able to learn to play this instrument. I really love the sound of flute music.


  1. Wow Sister Chatty! That really is a wonderful surprise. I have always wanted to play the clarinet.

  2. Thanks for sharing your Christmas photo's. I can't believe how tall Lara's son is. He obviously has his dad's genes. Sorry you had to say goodbye to Zeus. You are a very talented lady and I have no doubt you will master the flute in no time. Look forward to seeing Nadine soon.

  3. Ruby, maybe one day we can be the "older"(as you're not old)wood wind section of our own little
    Sharon Thank you so much for having Nadine come visit...she is counting down the days and very very excited. I get so frustrated trying to load photographs,it takes forever, so I then give up. So thats why only a few.
    I'll get better at it.
    Love you guys.

  4. that is just wonderful!! what a wonderful and thoughtful husband! i look forward to many musical items in the near future!

  5. I never knew this about you sis Chat! Enjoy your flute.
    I love looking at all the Christmas pics and really look forward to seeing Nadine again!

  6. Sis Chat...thanks for blogging! I can't wait to see Nadine (your fam is beautiful...two girls and a boy sounds great to me;)

  7. Melissa, I am sorry I am such a slow blogger, I am glad that you are a great blogger, because I so enjoy hearing and seeing all about your little family. I hope Dan has a shotgun handy for when those two little princesses have the boys running after them. And Kyle is a real "Stud". I really enjoy my two girls and boy and I know you will to. Love you guys.XOXO

  8. Oh I forgot....Nadine is so excited I don't know how we're going to keep her grounded for the next 30 odd days. She sure couldn't do this trip without your folks having her stay.
    I am very grateful. I know it will be a memory of a lifetime for her. :0)

  9. What a sweet story! That is so special that he remembered. Love to see people who adore each other! :)

  10. Wow...I LOVE this. Pres. Padoa (who in my eyes, will always be Bishop Padoa) is a super-stud. I guess that's why he managed to woo you Sister Chat:)
    Seriously, this was a great post. It is great that over the years you guys have been able to keep the romance alive. PLUS, you have NEVER fought! I hope Jess and I can follow your example.