Thursday, May 13, 2010

Missing Nadine

It has been just over two weeks that Nadine has been away in the States.

I find myself feeling miserable every now and then, and have realised its because at that moment I am missing her soooooooooooo much!

So thought to make up a list of some of the reasons we're missing her.

We miss .................

Early morning Family Prayer.

Early Mornings hearing her leave for work.

Lovely meals "A la Nadine"

Happy chatting at the end of a day.

My Window Live Messanger Buddy.

The tick of her lap top keys when she answers e-mails and writes on her blog.


Her Shower Gel

Shopping on Saturday mornings

Watching Chick Flicks together

Seeing her beautiful smile

Hearing her cute giggle.

Teasing her. (Luke)

Tickling and bugging her. (Dad)

Listening to sisters catch up chatter.

Emails with inspirational quotes and stories.

Hearing about Shimbala. (work)

Conversations about spiritual things

Dad cell phone ring tone..."I Love you baby....."

My Cell ring tone..." ring,ring,ring.."

Hearing about whats she's up to right now.

Knowing you so far away...makes us miss you more

Love you Nadine


1 comment:

  1. Oh mommy!!! this post made me cry!!!
    i miss you so much to! and yes i get to talk to you about where YOU visited! and i can totally say that it is breathtaking. just got back from church with Unc Kerry, was fun, and passed 2 temples just to get to church! which was 15min away!!! crazy!
    wish you could all be here with me!

    love you xoxo